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SCOBY gallery

SCOBYs can take a variety of forms, and while most of them

generally look white to tan in color, SCOBYs will be unique to

each home brewer, the ingredients they use, the environment

they brew in and how well they take care of them over time.


You can learn more about SCOBYs and SCOBY care here. 


I know many home brewers are afraid of mold infecting

their SCOBYs or their kombucha. But fermentation is a gnarly

process, and it can look a bit weird sometimes. It 

doesn't necessarily mean something's gone wrong.

These are by no means all-inclusive of all SCOBY shapes, 
colors and sizes, but here are some examples of healthy SCOBYs that fellow home brewers have shared with me. If you're worried that your brew is looking a little off, take a look at these examples for just a small sample of what "normal" scobys look like. And if you're really concerned about mold, you can check out my post on mold

They may look a little strange. You'll grow to appreciate their beauty over time!

Okay SCOBYs now let's get in formation...

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