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About You Brew Kombucha

I’m Angelica, and my goal is to make homemade kombucha available to the masses. 

Why homemade? Because store-bought kombucha can be pricey. And the flavor selection is so limited! So why spend more for a potentially less probiotic-rich (and less delicious!) product when you can make it yourself, customized exactly to your taste preferences, for around 50 cents a bottle? 

There’s a lot of conflicting, misguided and incomplete information out there. And it’s because even though the process is fairly simple, there are a lot of variables that can vary from brewer to brewer. And it's hard to get started on the right foot without a foundation of solid facts.


When I started out, I scoured books, sites and videos, and I talked to homebrewers and commercial brewers. But I couldn’t find a single source that gave me the level of comprehensive detail I was looking for, wasn’t trying to sell me something, didn't over-sell the health benefits and didn't fear-monger - all while making the process easy to understand. 

There’s a lot to digest, but I've outlined the best, tried-and-true tips here based on all my research and personal experience as a homebrewer myself.

You Brew Kombucha is the resource I wish existed for me when I was first starting my kombucha journey. I partnered up with my husband Ryan to produce 30+ videos covering all things kombucha. And I created this website to house more in-depth information for those like me who crave that level of detail. Now, we have around 100 videos on the channel covering nearly every aspect of homemade kombucha brewing. I've even published a book!


Today, You Brew Kombucha is the most comprehensive YouTube channel and website for kombucha homebrewers who want to do it all themselves – without relying on a kit or some online brewing store to tell them how to do it (and buy their products while you’re at it!). 


In kombucha and in a lot of other aspects of life, I like to challenge myself to make and create things on my own. If you can figure out a way to make it better (and oftentimes cheaper) yourself, why pay a store or a company to do it for you? Why buy it when you can make it? Why rely on someone else when you can master it yourself? 


You can Brew Kombucha. I believe in you!

The YBK Philosophy

My process and methodology are intended to produce the most resilient cultures, the tastiest kombucha and the most consistent carbonation with each bottle. Here at YBK, I’ve outlined the foundational guidelines that I believe are the common denominators that result in the type of kombucha I like to drink. It’s a process, and I’ll be sure to update the site as I learn more and as new information or methods prove to be better than what’s currently outlined here. 


There should definitely be room for experimentation and thinking outside the box, but like Pablo Picasso said, “You should learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” So here, I want to give you the framework and understanding of the kombucha “rules.” And once you have that foundation, you can get creative and take fun, experimental risks.

Treat it like a science experiment, take a ton of notes! Go with the kombucha flow and revel in the fact that you're creating a real, raw, natural product.


If you’ve found a way to make your brew work that’s contrary to what I recommend, that’s great! Your variables will be different than mine, so there are infinite possibilities for successful kombucha brewing.


You do what you’ve gotta do for your ‘bucha! I support you. 

This is meant to be an in-depth but understandable resource for homebrewers at all levels of their kombucha journey. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned brewer looking to dive deeper or pick up some new tips, I hope you find YBK useful. 


If you’re a visual learner, check out my You Brew Kombucha YouTube channel for walk-through videos. You’ll find all my in-depth details on this site. 

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Your donation would help support the costs of running this website and filming videos as I continue buying + testing materials and sharing knowledge with everyone! Thanks for considering supporting if you're able.

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